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Product include: Battle Rope, Resistance Bands, Suspension Trainer

  • Battle Rope
    • Battle rope training exercise will give anyone great results whether your performance is in sport, military, law enforcement, or you simply wish to look and feel better
    • The key point to remember with the Battle Ropes System is that you will not only generate more power, but maintain the power over a much longer duration
    • Great for whole-body workout
    • Cardio & Resistance Training
    • 15M x 38mm
  • Resistance Bands
    • Latex material
    • Three levels of resistance
    • 61*5cm*0.4mm – Easy
    • 61*5cm*0.6mm – Medium
    • 61*5cm*1.0mm – Hard
    • smooth & consistent stretch, for strengthen, tone, shape
    • Wide variety of exercises for the whole body
    • Commonly used by physiotherapists and in sports rehabilitation
  • Suspension Trainer
    • Nylon and Metal
    • Suspension trainer suitable for everyone-from beginners to professional athletes
    • allows you to use your own body weight for an amazing set of exercises that work you from head to toe
    •  Great for calaesthetics training
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Product Description

This package has some essentials in order for building those biceps! The Smart Fitness Co Battle Rope is very popular for muscle growth and endurance. The Smart Fitness Co Battle Rope is 15 metres long and 38mm wide. The battle rope can be used for a number of full body exercises as well as a good old fashioned game of Tug-of-War!

Smart Fitness Co Resistance Bands are presented in a pack of 3; easy, medium and hard resistance. Resistance bands have become an essential part of fitness routines. This is due to their versatility both with different exercises and also with different levels of fitness. For some tips and tricks using resistance bands check our Facebook page: Smartfitnessco

The Smart Fitness Co Suspension Trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment that can be easily installed and removed in a matter of seconds. There is no need for any tools or damage to the wallpaper! The Suspension Trainer can be used on any doorframe if being used inside, or it can clip against itself if being used outside. Suspension Trainers are great for full-body workouts and commonly used in Calisthenic Training.

The Smart Fitness Co Suspension Trainer that is designed to do trx is made with quality in mind. The handles are made from rubber for good non-slip grip. All of the clasps and clamps are made from strong metal (not plastic like some other inferior copies). Strong door anchor, allows you to hook it on virtually any door frame, close the door and it will support your full body weight (up to 150kg)! It also comes with a steel carabiner clip that allows you to clip onto any strong anchor, especially useful when training outside. Lastly, all of this comes in a easy to carry mesh bag, great for when on the move!

For some tips and tricks using the suspension trainer check our Facebook or Instagram page: Smartfitnessco


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