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Ab Roller



  • PP main material
  • Steel tube with PVC handle
  • Non-slip grip
  • Good for shaping and strengthening whole muscle groups
  • Core Strength
  • Also a good workout for arms and shoulders


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Product Description

Smart Fitness Co. Ab Roller

With the Smart Fitness Co. Ab Roller, you are going to get the abs that you could only dream about. This simple tool is going to help you sculpt the abs you want in very little time. Because of how compact, light and portable the Smart Fitness Co. Ab Roller is, you can always take it with you wherever you go. Tone your abs, shoulders, arms and back in unison.

Why Choose the Smart Fitness Co. Ab Roller?

The Smart Fitness Co. Ab Roller is designed to let you target your core, regardless of where you are. The design professionals at Smart Fitness kept three things in mind when designing the Ab Roller: easy storage, ergonomics, and portability. All of this means that you have an effective ab-training tool that is going to work for you, when you need it.

To ensure that you remain safe during your workout, the Smart Fitness Co. Ab Roller also comes with added features for stability. The Ab Roller is made so you can comfortably hold it in your hands as you target your core. Muscle isolation is essential when targeting your abdominals, therefore, the grip and comfort on the Ab Roller is imperative. The quality of the components used in the Ab Roller ensure you are going to have a stable and safe workout that only focuses on the muscles you are actively looking to target.

If you are serious about wanting to get the best abs you have ever had, if you want to get attention or just want a strong, powerful, lean core, the Smart Fitness Co. Ab Roller is the perfect tool to help you target those areas.


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